Pick of the Month winners for Sandpoint in Pictures

April 2014: "The Train Bridge" by Jill Brewer
March 2014: "Flicker on suet" by Rick Miller
February 2014: "Frozen in time" by Maria Trujillo
January 2014: "Sunset on the Cabinets" by Herb Klein
December 2013: "Shards of ice" by Cynthia Schmit
November 2013: "Catching air" by Rick Miller
October 2013: "From a single seed springs life" by Tracilee Hoyland
September 2013: "Looks like the kokanee are back" by Pete Comstock
August 2013: "Old-school ski show" by Arnie Rains
July 2013: "Too early for coffee" by Al Seger
June 2013: "Summer Storms" by Al Seger
May 2013: "Wild Strawberry" by Jay Mock
April 2013: "Rough Legged Hawk" by Steve Jamsa
March 2013: "Foggy morning at City Beach" by Al Seger
February 2013: "Pretend it's springtime!" by Aaron Theisen
January 2013: "Difference of opinion" by Al Seger
December 2012: "Watching, waiting" by Hugh Slater
November 2012: "Treasured sunlight awakens the fall" by Bruce Johnson
October 2012: "Tiny Sandpoint planet" by Nikki Anderson
September 2012: "Birds of a feather" by John Chaplin
August 2012: "Best of both worlds" by Nikki Anderson
July 2012: "Sandpoint salute" by Ryan McGinty
June 2012: "Paddling towards summer" by Marie Walton
May 2012: "Dawn huntress" by John Chaplin 
April 2012:
"Transition" by Nikki Anderson
March 2012: "Sunday sunshine" by Nikki Anderson
February 2012: "'Sparklies' in the lake" by Rick Miller
January 2012: "Cool, indeed" by Adina Timblin
December 2011: "Snowy owl" by Steve Jamsa
November 2011: "Still life with moose" by Stephen Drinkard
October 2011: "Good morning, Sandpoint" by Chris Johnson
September 2011: "It's cool being green" by John Chaplin
August 2011: "To the Moon ..." by Rick Miller
July 2011: "Harassing the big guy" by Dan Garber
June 2011: "Runnin' wild in North Idaho" by Janice Schoonover
May 2011: "Great Horned Owl chick" by Steve Jamsa
April 2011:
"In flight" by Steve Jamsa
March 2011: "On a mission" by Dennis Wamsley 
February 2011: "A frosty morning" by Al Seger 
January 2011: "Instant replay" by Al Seger 
December 2010: "Peaceful Christmas at McArthur Lake" by Betsy Canfield 
November 2010: "Stormy day sunbreak" by Al Seger 
October 2010: "Lionhead's old paddle wheel" by Ryan McGinty
September 2010: "Spawning kokanee" by Dennis Wamsley
August 2010: "The art of patience" by Betsy Canfield
July 2010: "Table for 4" by John Chaplin
June 2010: "What's that behind that bush?" by Jay Mock
May 2010: "Out of the past, and into the parade" by Al Seger
April 2010: "Cinnamon teal" by Steve Jamsa
March 2010: "The Loooooooong Bridge" by Al Seger
February 2010: "Early in the season at Ellisport" by Rick Miller
January 2010: "Pre-flight stretch" by Dennis Wamsley
December 2009: "City Beach Moonrise" by Al Seger
November 2009: "Silent silhouettes" by Al Seger
October 2009: "Look what came through Sandpoint" by Jon Proctor
September 2009: "Birds of a Feather" by Steve Jamsa
August 2009: "Sleepless in Sandpoint" by Al Seger
July 2009: "Jumping for Joy" by Haley Sorbel
June 2009: "Early Riser" by Al Seger
May 2009: "Swimming lesson" by Al Seger 
April 2009: "Idaho goldthread" by Jay Mock
March 2009: "Snow ghosts with a lake view" by Jim Mellen 
February 2009: "Misty mountain ride" by Kathleen Cassidy 
January 2009: "Winter Carnival at Schweitzer" by Patrick Brown-Hayes 
December 2008: "Our beloved Panida" by Michelle Guinard 
November 2008: "Impressions of Thanksgiving" by Steve Christensen 
October 2008: "Horses in motion" by Joanne Heaviland 
September 2008: "Moose Lake sunrise" by Jay Mock
August 2008: "Stairway to heaven" by Sandii Mellen
July 2008: "Ambush!" by Jay Mock
June 2008
: "Late-season bounty" by Jay Mock
May 2008
: "Reflections of the '50s" by Steve Christensen
April 2008: "Ice art" by John Chaplin
March 2008
: "Snow Falls in winter" by Michelle Fish
February 2008
: "Full moon rising" by John Chaplin
January 2008
: "Munchin' moose" by John Chaplin 
December 2007
: "Frozen in time" by Patrick Brown-Hayes 
November 2007
: "Sundog at Schweitzer" by Paulie Cohen
October 2007
: "Don't leave me!" by Rick Miller 
September 2007: "Lightning and sunset" by Ryan McGinty
August 2007
: "Blending in" by Jay Mock 
July 2007:
"Amazing bay view" by Ryan McGinty
June 2007: "Winged wonder" by Jay Mock
May 2007: "Dandelion serenade" by Steve Christensen 
April 2007: "Stillwater sunrise" by Dale Jacques 
March 2007
: "Spring bug" by Jay Mock
February 2007
: "Feeding frenzy" by Rick Miller
January 2007: "Skim ice" by Steve Christensen
December 2006: "Miss Lily" by Annie Love
November 2006: "Thanksgiving white" by Bruce Johnson
October 2006: "Talache apples" by Rick Miller
September 2006
: "Fall fern" by Jay Mock
August 2006: "Mad dash" by Ben Olson 
July 2006
: "Intense lightning storm" by Christopher Page 
June 2006: "Ambient lights" by Ben Anderson  
May 2006: "Flower on the lake" by Daniel and Melissa Parlane
April 2006: "First hummingbird" by Linda Rice 
March 2006: "March sunset" by Patrick Sande
February 2006: "Ice on fire I" by Misty Grage
January 2006: "Sunnyside antiquity" by Casey Pilgeram 
December 2005: "Ice tree" by K.C. Potter 
November 2005: "Yellow fall 'shrooms" by Jay Mock
October 2005: "In the park after dark" by Benjamin Anderson
September 2005: "Heart-stealing horses" by K.C. Potter 
August 2005: "Log-sitting dog" by Paulie and Carrie Cohen
July 2005: "Pend Oreille in black and white" by Benjamin Anderson
June 2005: "SHS graduation" by John Dibble 
May 2005: "Poppa jay" by K.C. Potter
April 2005: "Just another reason" by Todd Newhart
March 2005: "Horses kick up heels" by K.C. Potter
February 2005: "Another glorious sunrise" by Patrick Sande
January 2005: "Sunnyside windmill" by Foster Cline