Louis Marshall


Candidate Statement - Louis Marshall
Running for Bonner County Prosecutor (Republican, incumbent)

    My record is very clear and I hope people make an informed decision on November 6. This community is still small enough where almost everyone knows an officer or someone in the criminal justice system well enough to ask them direct questions about the work I do. This is not a job for a politician. It is a job for someone you can trust.
    First and foremost, I listen to investigating officers when making decisions. I deeply respect the work they do and I am very thankful they support me. Second, I listen to victim advocates and the stories of the victims, themselves. If I believe there is probable cause to support the charge, typically I file it. I don’t worry about losing the case or whether the suspect has money or influence. I believe all people should be judged equally under the law. I think this distinguishes me as a prosecutor. I also am always open to opinions that may differ from mine.
    The job of prosecutor is arguably the toughest job in local government. You are tasked with making decisions that inevitably make some people angry, sad or disappointed. It is critical for the prosecutor to make these decisions based on the facts and law.
   I believe the area that separates me the most from the other candidates is my stance on people who hurt children. I have consistently fought for tough sentences against child molesters and have been successful far more often than I have failed. As President of the Idaho Prosecuting Attorneys Association, I have lobbied for tougher penalties for offenders who hurt children. I fully supported Senator Joyce Broadsword’s legislation to put more teeth into the injury to child felony crime.
    While I was greeting people at the Bonner County Fair this year, a young girl who had been the victim of a horrendous crime by a family friend came by and talked to me. Sgt. Phyllis Jay and I had to try the offender twice, but the second trial ended with a guilty verdict and life sentence. It struck me that even with all the pain the young lady has had to go through, at least tonight she can sleep safely. That is the reason I want to continue fighting for this community.

- Courtesy River Journal