Tevis Hull


Candidate Statement - Tevis Hull
Running for Bonner County Prosecutor (Ind.)

    The Idaho Rule of Professional Conduct provides that a prosecutor has the responsibility of a minister of justice and not simply that of an advocate. The ethical role of a prosecutor is very different from other attorneys. Experience is a must for an elected prosecuting attorney. With experience comes the wisdom and maturity to objectively review cases, working with those who are personally effected by the illegal conduct of defendants and moving forward towards resolution or trial if the defendant does not admit to his/her guilt. The prosecutor has the power to effect the lives of people simply by filing a charge. If that power is abused, trust in the prosecutor and law enforcement is negatively affected.
    The prosecutor also provides counsel and legal advice to the commissioners, other elected officials, and department heads. It requires the prosecutor to sit down with them, listen to the concerns, identify issues and bring the issues to resolution in a timely manner. Consequently, the prosecutor must have experience in both criminal and civil law to manage the affairs of the office.
    I have been a criminal prosecutor for 13 years prosecuting violent crimes, sexual abuse, drug and property crimes. In addition, I have maintained a civil practice for 15 years handling complex legal issues in business, real estate, estate planning and family law. I have also been trained as a mediator. I have attended the National District Attorney Career Prosecutors Course and have had over 100 jury trials. These experiences have provided the wisdom and maturity to lead the prosecutor's office and to assist the county in resolving legal issues it now faces. I had the opportunity to serve as Bonner County's first elected full-time prosecutor from 1993-1997 and established the Victim/Witness Program which has served this county for 20 years assisting thousands of victims. As an elected official I have legal experience, objective understanding, and dispute resolution skills to manage the counties challenges going forward and would invite you to vote for me on November 6, 2012.

- Courtesy River Journal