Steve Johnson


Candidate Statement - Steve Johnson
Running for Bonner County Commissioner, 1st District (Ind.)

    I am an independent candidate for county commissioner. Independent means I will represent every person in Bonner County, Republican or Democrat, Conservative or Liberal, and everyone in between. My opponent belongs to a party that expects loyalty to the party in all decisions. She will be considering the party’s directives at every turn. As an independent commissioner I will not be bound by that restriction.
    I have a variety of experiences that make it possible for me to understand and relate to a wide cross-section of people. My opponent has been a paid politician for the past 12 years.
    I was raised on the family farm with my three brothers here in Bonner County. I know and love the “country life” and am committed to respecting and honoring our rural character. That includes a strong commitment to private property rights, 4-H and the Fair. I have been the steward for the family farm since 1980, building our log home, maintaining the forest with selective logging and replanting, raising hay, and taking care of our cattle and horses.
    I am a homebuilder. I have built and remodeled a number of homes, including my own. I have a deep respect for the “construction trades” and have witnessed firsthand the hard work and skill these workers possess. I have worked with loggers and foresters and seen up close their ability to harvest trees in an environmentally safe and sustainable manner.
    I am an educator. I have worked with children grades 1 through 12, in public elementary schools for 21 years, public high school for 12 years, and a private residential school for two years. I have been blessed with a quality education beginning at Southside Elementary in Cocolalla, continuing with Sandpoint High (class of ‘68), and the University of Idaho. Education is the key to building communities and improving opportunities.
    In summary, I am an independent candidate who will represent all the people of Bonner County (not just one political party). I will make decisions after considering everyone’s input. I will behave in a respectful and honorable way so that county employees, other elected officials, and the public all know they are valued and held in high regard.

- Courtesy River Journal