Lewis Rich


Candidate Statement - Lewis Rich
Running for Bonner County Commissioner, 3rd District (Rep.)

    I had no intentions of doing a write-in campaign after the primary election. It is absolutely not a sour grapes nor knee jerk thing. I did have, immediately after the primary, many requests to run as a write-in candidate by many constituents. I delayed my decision for several months after the May election. One of my deciding factors was that my opponent never contacted me after the primary. Other than my concession phone call to Mr. Kelly, he had never talked to me until after my write-in announcement at the August Republican Central Committee. He has been seen in Mr Nielsenís office many times, often with the door shut, on a weekly basis. Draw your own conclusions.
    I think anyone who has been following Bonner County business meetings and/or attending them sees the many examples of dictatorial leadership displayed by Commissioner Nielsen. The contentious atmosphere Mr. Kelly eluded to in his campaign is definitely not of my making, but Commissioner Nielsenís! I have the utmost respect for both Marie Scott and Cheryl Piehl and always will.
    If you want a Commissioner who is fair, consistent, and without bias, I believe Iím your best choice. I earned my way as a small businessman in Bonner County and have experienced Bonner County economics first hand for over 27 years. Knowing that every decision I make has possible ramifications to the working classes and tax payers in our area, and not having a huge pension to live on, means better decisions will be made by myself. I have no ties to law enforcement, the military or any large retired group who havenít had to earn any of their comfortable retirements here in North Idaho, or even in the state of Idaho.
    I believe I have earned your trust and will continue to do so. Write me in on November 6 and I will continue as Your Commissioner.

- Courtesy River Journal