Jalon Peters

Jalon Peters

Age: 39

Years of residence in Bonner County:
3 1/5

How can the public contact you? [email protected]

Education: High school diploma, Ordained minister
Employment: Minister, Foreign and local missions director, Construction superintendent

Candidate Positions
1. This is a volunteer position no pay! Here's a three-part question:
  - Why are you running for a seat on the library board?
Because I am wanting to be a part of keeping morality, constitutional rights, and personal liberties a priority in our community.
  - Have you ever attended a library board meeting? I have not been allowed to attend as there is an unconstitutional mask guideline and I am unwilling to wear a mask for protection from the Wuhan virus. 
  - And, if elected, how many hours per week will you devote to your service on the board? As many as are necessary (within reason) to complete the needs of the community. Having things organized and administered correctly would be a good place to start.

2. How many times in 2019 and 2020 did you visit the library as a patron to utilize its services? Once a week until the Wuhan virus.
    - What library services did you personally use? I personally didn't use the services, but I took my children to look at and rent books.

3. Do you consider the library to be well run and well managed currently? The managing of it is going fine in my experience, but the overall direction of the library is going the wrong way.
   - Is its board of trustees taking it in the right direction? No, they are acting contrary to the constitution of the United States. That is illegal. They are also discriminating against people that differ from their own personal views. Also, some of the people that are volunteering at the library are very unprofessional and rude. If I owned the library as a business, they would have been fired.
   - If you were a teacher handing out grades, what grade would you give our library for the services it provides to the community? I'd give it a B for the services, but an F for the non-allowance of those services by many. I'd also give them an F for their non-allowance of those that oppose their
decisions to attend board meetings.

4. What do you identify as at least 2-3 things you feel are important issues, that you would want to pursue or address as a member of the library board of trustees?
1 Reasonable measures to combat sickness in general. i.e. washing hands and if you feel sick you stay home.
2 Finding ways to create unity throughout the community.
3 Working toward making/keeping the focus of the library and its functions on a love for our country and morality.
5. Let's talk vision. As the rise of the Internet and the World Wide Web has impacted our lives with instant access to information, the role of many libraries has expanded dramatically. Twenty or 30 years ago, providing books on shelves for checkout was arguably the primary role for the library. Is it still? Describe your personal vision for the services that the East Bonner County Library should provide in this new age of information. I do believe there should be ample equal access of online resources for those that are in need of that. But I also feel that there is still a primary need for physical books for young people. Having "hands on" opportunities are invaluable for young people at the stage in life where they learn the most. I also feel the need for public meeting rooms to be used for various groups in need of a meeting location.

6. The library is a taxing district and its operations are supported by taxes. Do you feel the library is fiscally prudent with its budget? Would you seek changes to its funding or its expenditures? It's been difficult to find all the financial "workings" of the library. Even at the last board meeting they board turned their tables to have a smaller area to talk where the public had difficulties hearing the discussion. I found that to be a bit deceptive. I do question why they library if taxpayer funded but then they discriminate against some people and don't let them enter. THAT is unacceptable. I also question some of the seminars, documentaries, and classes they offer are not factual and/or divisive in nature. These types of resources are not fiscally responsible.

7. A hot-button issue at the library for some during the pandemic has been its policies requiring the wearing of face masks as a health precaution for staff and patrons. The policy was opposed by protestors at the library last spring. Do you support or oppose the mask policy, or would you have handled this matter differently? I oppose the illegal and unconstitutional mandate. I would have done things differently.

8. Finally: With multiple candidates for the two board positions up for election, why should voters give you their vote? What would you like voters to most consider in deciding how to cast their vote? I will listen to the public and make decisions based on facts and logic, not fear. I will uphold transparency, accountability, integrity, morality, and love for our country with all the decisions that I make as a board trustee of the library. I will seek to make the library a place that unites us not divides us. I will also seek to recruit staff and volunteers that have empathy and compassion. I am not intimidated by differences of opinion, that is what makes us all unique.