Kathrynn L. Feist

Kathrynn L. Feist
County Clerk

Age: 63

City of residence: Sandpoint

Years of residence in Bonner County and Idaho: 35

Marital status/family: Widowed, 3 married sons, 10 grandchildren

Contact information:

Education: 12 plus two years college

Recent or pertinent employment history: Last six years as deputy clerk in Bonner County Commissioners' Office

Relevant professional affiliations: Bonner County Republican Women and Bonner County Republican Central Committee

Nonprofit groups or service organizations to which candidate belongs: I attend Sandpoint Nazarene Church

Relevant experience:

Why are you running for public office?

The voters of Bonner County have asked for and deserve a positive change; I represent that change and I can “make a difference.”

If you are elected, how much time will you spend each week in the office?

As much time as it takes to implement the new changes I have planned.

Describe the top three to five issues you believe are most important, why you consider them most important, and your position on these issues.

What differentiates you from other candidates? Why should people vote for you?

I have been a Deputy Clerk in the County Commissioners' office for over six years. My knowledge of Idaho Code and the responsibilities of the office have prepared me to challenge and correct the inefficiencies in our county government.

I've lived in Bonner County for over thirty-five years. I raised my family here and they are raising my grandchildren here - giving me a vested interest in the future direction of our community. I'm a home owner, a tax payer, a registered voter and a concerned citizen - just like most of you.

The county is experiencing growing pains and it is going to take “United Leadership” and a “Real Open Door Policy” to manage this growth. When you elect me as your county clerk, I will accept that leadership role and help you in shaping the future of Bonner County. I'm qualified, I'm capable and I'm ready!