Ivan Rimar


Ivan Rimar

: 58
Years of residence in Sandpoint and Bonner County: 17
Marital status/family: Single
How can the public contact you?
P.O. Box 692 Sandpoint, ID 83864; or e-mail [email protected]

• Broward Junior College, Ft. Lauderdale, FL, Business Administration, Economics
• Florida Atlantic University Business Administration, Liberal Arts History and English Literature
• University of Denver, Construction Management Certification
• Sonoma State University, adult education instructor Construction Management
Recent or pertinent employment history: CEO Rimar Construction Inc. RCI is a local employer for the past 16 years specializing in commercial construction. RCI has contributed over four million in wages to the local Sandpoint Area.
Public offices held:
Chairman Garfield Bay Sewer District 1993/1994
Nonprofit groups, service or professional organizations to which you belong:
• Bonner County Economic Development Commission
• Infrastructure Committee Member
• Ponderay Economic Development Corporation Member
• City of Sandpoint Impact Fee Committee
• Panhandle Building Contractors Association Board Member
• Rotary International Member over 20 years
• Sandpoint Sailing Association Member
What particular experiences or skills quality you for office?
• 30 years experience working in and with emerging resort towns. 
• As a contractor and developer I have been involved with developing small subdivisions with housing designed for the first time buyers.
• As a long term employer I understand the pressures the working citizens undergo.
• I have worked with the City for the past 16 years and have an intimate knowledge of many of the processes.
• As a businessman I have extensive experience with setting and maintaining realistic budget goals.
• I bring to the Council the often hard learned experiences learned when involved in projects with a large scope, large budget and numerous personnel.
• I come to the Council with no growth / anti growth agenda. My concern is to see the council operate effectively and face the issues realistically.

Candidate Positions
1. Among the myriad issues facing the city at present, what do you consider the single most important issue facing the City of Sandpoint?
GROWTH: I think the most important issue facing the City of Sandpoint concerns growth. The Council and the citizens need to understand that growth is inevitable and increasingly upon us. Existing measures and attitudes need to be addressed. We need controlled growth, guided by compressive planning.

2. Housing prices have increased dramatically in Sandpoint, while local wages are increasing far more slowly – effectively precluding many residents who work in the local economy from purchasing a home. For the past year city staff and a group of local employers have been searching for housing solutions. What are your ideas for creating affordable housing for our residents who work here?
AFFORDABLE HOUSING: Create a vehicle that requires future development to have an affordable housing component. There will have to be more than one defined plan for cooperation, but a basic plan must be defined and instituted now. "Land Trust = Affordable Property = Sustainable Affordable Housing."

3. Two resort city tax proposals will be on the ballot in November. Do you favor or oppose continuing the existing 5% tax on lodging? Do you favor or oppose the new proposed 2% tax on liquor by the drink? And in each case, why?
TAX PROPOSALS: Realistically taxes are an inevitable funding source for the City of Sandpoint, in that the State severely restricts jurisdictions on means to acquire additional funding for such items as mass transportation, recreational facilities and various city improvements. I would support such funding as long as it is dedicated exclusively to specific improvements. I feel it is better to allow the tourist aspect of our economy pay for a portion of the costs as placing all the burden on our citizens.

4. What conditions – for example, impact fees or provisions for affordable housing – should the city place on requests by adjacent property owners for annexation into the city?
There are impact fees in place. All water and sewer requirements are currently the responsibility of the developer. As I have mentioned an Affordable Housing Component needs to be a part of this process. Also it is imperative the city review all potential impact on the city from increased traffic flows, fire service, impact on arterial roadways and any other items that may financially impact the tax paying citizens of Sandpoint. The burden of new growth should fall squarely on those wishing to develop within the City Limits.

5. Downtown traffic and parking are two oft-cited city ills. There are efforts currently under way by the City and the DSBA to improve parking. Do you think these efforts are on the right track? What would you do to improve parking downtown?
Parking is an issue that requires constant attention. Allowing development or expansion without the necessary parking is negligent. Refusing options for expanded parking is also negligent. This is a common sense issue and should be dealt with as such. Keep the politics out of it.

6. Although the Idaho Transportation Department was recently granted a permit for the Sand Creek bypass, it has conditions to meet and also faces a lawsuit from opponents. As the bypass will have major impacts on the city, voters want to know where candidates stand. First: Do you favor or oppose the Sand Creek route for a bypass, and why? Second: Among the issues involved, an offer by ITD to give the city land alongside the bypass in exchange for maintaining a new park has been a matter of contention; do you favor or oppose that proposal? Third: ITD has made no commitment to turn control of the Highway 95 route along First, Cedar and Fifth back to the city after the bypass is built; do you believe that should be a condition for the city to support the bypass?
This is not a City Council issue as it relates to whether the bypass is built or not. My feelings on this issue are therefore not relevant to this election.

7. On traffic issues: even if construction of the bypass begins soon, ITD says it will take several years to build. Do you believe the city should seek traffic solutions more immediately – and what would they be?
Obviously the City Public Works Department will work with ITD to maintain the necessary traffic flow. Will it be easy? No. Will it be necessary? Yes.

8. Why are you running for public office? If you are elected, how much time will you be able to devote each week to your position?
I feel that the Council has become politicized as well as you would expect. However I do not agree with the disseminating of the politicalization down through the committees and departments. I think it is time for the Council to stop micromanaging the City Departments and allow the experienced people we have in place, do their job. Understand that the City is a $34 million business. It needs to be operated as a business for the benefit of the Citizens. As far as time is concerned I am a working man. I consider this a benefit to those would want a workingman’s view on the council. I will give the council all the time that is necessary and probably a whole lot more.

9. Describe any other issues you believe are important; why you consider them important; and your position on these issues.
The publication of the various agendas for Committee Meetings and Council Meetings needs to be better published. I have been told that it would be expensive. I ask what is the price for an informed citizenry. Require that citizens are adequately informed about meetings and agendas. No "democracy in the dark."