Bud Mueller

Bud Mueller
Candidate for: County Clerk

Age: 75

Years of residence in Bonner County and Idaho: 49-year resident of Idaho, 41 years in Bonner County

Marital status/family: Married for 49 years.

Contact information:


Recent or pertinent employment history

Public offices held:

Service organizations

Why are you running for public office?

I am running for the Clerk position to bring accountability to the office. We need to have easy access to public records, accounting of “reserve” funds so we know how much extra tax money is being held that can be used for County projects.

If you are elected, how much time will you spend each week in the office?

I will spend as much time as it takes to get the job done well.

Describe the top three to five issues you believe are most important, why you consider them most important, and your position on these issues.