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Sandpoint Magazine Summer 2011
Sandpoint Magazine

Who, What and Why in Greater Sandpoint

  • Sandpoint Center becomes community grounds
  • Pack River Store nexus of love and flavor
  • 'Huckleberry King' finds heaven on Earth
  • Celebrate Life fosters simple message
  • Ice Age Floods Institute plans a heyday
  • Music Conservatory a 'Juilliard' for Sandpoint
  • Webcams are for the birds
  • Team Laughing Dog takes on Hank's cause
  • Horizons broaden for NIC in our 'college town'
  • SOLE strives to enhance kids' souls
  • County fair reveals underexposed artists
  • ReStore fuels a building boom
  • Beatbox kid finds his passion

With Hot Picks and Festival at Sandpoint calendar

Ted Parvin, Film industry veteran

Photo Essay
'Carpe Diem'


Sandpoint Magazine

Sandpoint Magazine

Wolves: A Contentious Comeback
By Cate Huisman; photos by Isaac Babcock
Cover: Big predators have returned to northern Idaho - thrilling for some, infuriating for others.

Small Town, Big Ideas
By Jennifer Lamont Leo
Profiling entrepreneurs Jason Giddings, Nick Guida and Fred Colby

Making the Town Tick
By Billie Jean Gerke
Behind the scenes with Eric Paull, chairman of SURA

A Photographic Dichotomy
By Carrie Scozzaro
Native photographers Patrick Orton, Staci Bailey capture in pixels what they love about life

Sandpoint on the Salmon
By Billie Jean Gerke
A river odyssey in which adventurers discover you can take it with you

A History of Sandpoint in 10 Objects
By Jennifer Lamont Leo
What 10 artifacts from the Bonner County Museum tell about our town

Private Beach
By Aaron Theisen

Remote camping on Lake Pend Oreille

Thirty Years of the Cedar Street Bridge
By Beth Hawkins

After three decades, the landmark market comes full circle

The Die-Hard Players of Ultimate Frisbee
By Eric Plummer
Local athletes relish the counterculture sport

Bypass Bygone
A photo record of a project 58 years in the making

Sandpoint Magazine

Real Estate

  • Phenomenal Home: Elliot Bay masterpiece a lakeside place in the sun
  • Community Land Trust: Offering homeowners a leg up
  • Belwoods 301: Historic landmark on Cedar under renovation
  • Transportation Alternatives: Highway projects face balancing act
  • Brewster's Back in Town: Founder returns to C.M. Brewster & Co.
  • Marketwatch: Real estate on the rebound, with market trends

Natives & Newcomers

Eats & Drinks

Dining Guide



Sandpoint of View:
By Oriana Korol
'Sprouts' - Sandpoint's guardian gardener.

Sandpoint Magazine

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