Captain Pearson's Passion is on the Water

Captain Curtis Pearson of Garfield Bay has his own idea of fun. It's called the Shawnodese, a 40 ft. private charter boat that he designed and built almost single-handedly.

Pearson wanted to provide a high-quality chartering service that would allow people to enjoy the lake while cruising in comfort and style. The idea, Pearson explained, came from the feeling he experienced while aboard a charter boat in Coeur d' Alene. This feeling, combined with the desire to single-handedly construct a chartering vessel, led Pearson to his entreprenuerial project.

"It's a great feeling," Pearson said, "and I wanted to pass that feeling on." He began fulfilling this goal in November '93 with the purchase of the Shawnodese hull. During the next six months, plans and designs for the boat were completed and approved by the U.S. Coast Guard, making the Shawnodese a liscensed charter.

Construction of the Shawnodese was Pearson's largest task, due to the fact that he had to build nearly every part of the boat, aside from the hull. He started in May of `94 and completed the 15 ton beauty nearly a year later at his Garfield Bay home. The finish product looked nothing like the original 1966 model that used to cruise the southern shores of California.

"I wanted everything to be new," Pearson said, "but with an older, more classic style." The result was phenomenally accurate. From the outside, the Shawnodese looks similar to a river boat, with an elevated pilot house and decks on two levels. Mahogany lines the inside of the boat, giving it a rustic yet luxurious appeal.

Pearson offers several voyage options starting at $100 per hour to $400 for a full day (8hrs). Half day voyages are $240. These rates are based on a minimum of six passengers. Each additional passenger would add $12 for half days and $20 for full.

 -- Mike Delucchi

For more information on booking the Shawnodese, go to the TKE home page.

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