The ayes have it for city's new home on the Web

You won't quite be able to hear the gavel bang at City Council meetings, but the City of Sandpoint is taking a step to make the work of local government more open to the public.

In June, the city will launch a home page on the World Wide Web. You can go to the new home page at:

Mayor David Sawyer said the home page will make information about the city more easily available for citizens. "I don't know of another medium where we can provide as much information to so many people at such a low cost," he said. "We provide it, and it's there and accessible to thousands of people."

The home page will include monthly reports from the mayor and the different city departments about such matters as building permits issued, crime reports, water usage and so on. There will be profiles and photos of all the council members, an organizational chart, a calendar of public meetings and the archived minutes of city council meetings, copies of the city budget, e-mail links to city officials and more. "As soon as all that's established, we'll be looking at adding to it," Sawyer added.

The new city home page is hosted by the community web site, Sandpoint Online, where the Chamber of Commerce, East Bonner County Library, Festival at Sandpoint, Schweitzer and many other businesses and nonprofit groups also have home pages. In addition, there is tourism information, services and products, maps, photos and stories from the past three years of Sandpoint Magazine. Visit Sandpoint Online at:


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