Joanna's Preschool & Kindergarten

434 Siskin Lane
Sandpoint, Idaho 83864

Phone: 208-263-9823

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A safe and nurturing pre-school and kindergarten for children ages 2 1/2 - 6

• Art - Music - Yoga - Ballet
• Reading & Math Readiness
• Science, Reading & Math
• Imaginary Play, Cooking, Sewing
• Nature Walks, Fairy Houses, Wooden Toys

Located 5 min. from downtown Kootenai in the Selle Valley

Monday through Friday
Hours: 8 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. • Excellent References

 Testimonials from Parents Present & Past

Joanna Olson's Pre-School has been a wonderful experience for my two girls. Their transition from Ohio to Idaho was exceptionally easy with the welcoming and nurturing environment found at Joanna's.  The oldest, five, is reading and the youngest, three, knows her alphabet and has even started writing. But most importantly, the girls love going and when they miss a day at Joanna Olson's Pre-School they can't wait to return.

Wendy Paskoff
Design Director, E-commerce, Coldwater Creek

Joanna is so wonderfully present and nurturing to the kids. Not only that, she is also intuitive when it comes to their needs. She would often have one of my kids in her lap because they needed a little more comfort on a particular day. My son and daughter think of her as their grandmother and I do too!

—Julia Andrick, Marketing Director, Catherine Freer Wilderness Therapy Programs and
mother of Carson (three years plus two summers at Joanna’s Pre-school) and Maren (five years at Joanna’s Pre-school)

We moved to Sandpoint about 1 year ago and were very nervous about finding a new pre-school for my daughter.  She had come from a pre-school that she absolutely loved and was distraught over leaving her teacher.  She immediately took to Joanna because of her loving and accepting nature, and I can honestly say that she never once cried when we dropped her off and is never in a hurry to leave when I get there to pick her up.  

Joanna brings in a dance teacher, and the kids are involved in local performances, which I would not have been able to facilitate as a working mother.  The kids do wonderful art projects, nature walks, yoga and many other wonderful activities.  I would highly recommend Joanna to other parents who want to know that their kids are in a safe, loving and caring environment during the day.

—Lonni Knepper
Senior Director of Financial Planning and Analysis, Coldwater Creek

My husband and I see a great impact on our daughter from the time she has spent at Joanna’s Pre-school. Joanna provides a safe, nurturing and well-structured environment. She has been extremely successful in encouraging our daughter’s love of learning, nature and respect for others. We know these positive feelings will serve her throughout her life.

 —Barbara Perdomo, Director of Operations, Grapevine Communications


After checking out several "day care" centers, full of noisy children and plastic toys, I arrived to this magical home sheltered in the quiet woods.

My daughter comes home with inspired tales of baby animals they watch through the windows, stories they read and yoga positions. She has a respect for nature and for listening to children and adults; she has done well everywhere else she goes, to friend's, to school, to grandparent's. Throughout the three years at Joanna's, she always felt welcomed and loved. It's a special place where she feels she belongs."

—Laura White
Designer, Keokee Creative Group/Art Director, Sandpoint Magazine


I investigated many of our area's pre-schools. Not one of them, including the Waldorf School, was as highly touted as was Joanna Olson's. My granddaughter is a highly intelligent, spirited child who is thriving under Joanna's care and tutelage. She is being elegantly socialized, intellectually stimulated, and at three years old, is being introduced to the ballet. Joanna makes sure that each child is taught to respect not only others and him or herself, but material things as well. And the very best part is that Joanna accomplishes all of this while demonstrating endless patience, wisdom gained from her vast experience, and, above all, love, palpable love for all of her past and present children.

—Logan F. Bell
grandmother, artist