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Advertising and listing opportunities


Sandpoint Online provides a number of highly targeted, highly cost-effective advertising vehicles for local businesses.

Business listings
Make sure your business can be found in Sandpoint Online’s SuperDirectory - for free or cheap!

- A Basic Listing with your business name, address and phone number plus 10-12 words of description is FREE. Just send us your info.

- An Interactive Listing is only $95 per year. Interactive listings get preferred placement above the Basic listings in up to three categories; up to about 25 words of description; a link to your website; a link to a Google map to your business; and an e-mail link at your option. Click to see listing samples. Click to query us or get a listing»

Businesses whose websites we host receive a free Interactive Listing.

Tile and banner advertising
These display ads are featured prominently on Sandpoint Online’s many editorial pages and link to your website. Advertisers benefit two ways: With each page view your ad is on, your company’s name and message is impressed on the reader, just as with traditional print advertising. But unlike ads in print, the reader can click on the ad and jump directly to your website to do business now!

Ads are charged on a flat monthly fee; you buy placement within any (or all) different editorial sections, and your ad goes on all pages within that section: Events, Directories, Community, News, Recreation, Visitor Guide, Lodging, Real Estate, Classified Ads or Sandpoint Forums. The Sandpoint Online home page is available separately.

There’s a flat monthly fee for ad placement in any section, ranging from $75 to $125 a month depending on the average traffic the section receives. If you need to have us create your ad for you, it's a flat $30 fee. For more ad info, click to query us or place an order»

Businesses whose websites we host receive one month of free tile advertising in a section of choice, with free ad design; plus a 10% discount on rates for all additional placements.

Advertise in the Town Crier
Our Sandpoint Online newsletter, the Town Crier, provides a weekly update on coming major events, money-saving offers on dining, lodging and shopping, a digest of the week’s news, tips on surfing Sandpoint and more. Four advertising positions per edition are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Rates are less than 2 cents per newsletter delivered. See a sample then query us for details»

Businesses whose websites we host receive a 10% discount on Town Crier ads.

Profile pages
Profile pages are generated within our SuperDirectory database on a standard template that provides a full web page unique to your business. If you are running a special online promotion or simply don’t need a big website, a profile page can provide a robust presence on Sandpoint Online, linking from our directory listings, tile and banner ads or special promotions.

The profile page includes all your contact information, an e-mail link, your logo, one picture or image, a headline, and up to 400 words of information about your business. Click to see a sample. Only $120 per year. For $29 more, we'll also register your own unique web address for you and refer it to your profile page – giving you essentially a complete one-page website at, for only $149 for a year. Click to query us or place an order»

Businesses with profile pages receive a free interactive listing.

Website design, hosting marketing
How much of a website do you need ... and what are you going to do to get your customers to it, once it’s there? We’ll help you answer those questions, and all the others, and provide you the right solution at the right price. In fact, Sandpoint Online is published by Keokee media + marketing, the largest and oldest web design and digital marketing firm in the region. Click to see our website and marketing services»

Premium sponsorship programs
Want to "own" a piece of Sandpoint Online? Our section sponsorship programs provide premium exposure and integrated content linking from Sandpoint Online to your proprietary website.

The section sponsor gets a top-of-page banner ad on the section home page plus sub-level pages, plus we integrate strategic content where feasible. See our Real Estate Guide for a sample sponsorship. As section sponsorships are synergistic with Sandpoint Online content, sponsorships must meet our strategic goals and editorial standards. Please query us for details»

For sections where sponsors vie for position, businesses whose websites we host receive priority.

Content licensing and custom content
Could your website benefit from Sandpoint Online’s smartly written, rigorously edited and frequently updated content? We offer licensing opportunities for much of the content you see on Sandpoint Online. We also provide custom content creation and maintenance programs. Query us for details»

Nonprofit group programs
Does your nonprofit organization need a website or web presence? Sandpoint Online offers qualifying Sandpoint 501(c)3 service or charitable organization free profile pages or full website hosting at a deep discount from our normal rates. Query us for more info»



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